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The Beginnings of Mexico City as the Aztec Empire & Modern Muralism

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Clock Hour: 10:00 AM

Hour Glass Duration: 3 Hours

Users People:  Max 4 people.

Beer Includes:  Taco al Pastor



This private tour, allow you to be with you and your dear group so you are not in contact with the most people as possible. The downtown is a must seeing of México city. Take care of you and your people.

Our guides will lead you through the center of Mexico on an expertly curated and memorable journey. Experience the historic ruins of Templo Mayor, the focal point of the Aztec Empire. Admire the breathtaking Metropolitan Cathedral, one of Mexico’s most iconic religious structures. Explore the splendid Palacio de Belles Artes, the most important cultural center in Mexico.

Our guides use the mask and take all the necesary precoutions, we´ll be keeping the space between the group and the people the most as possible. Do you know that now is the best time to see the downtown? this is becous of the lockdown the locals are not interested by going unless is necesary.

Enjoy the Murals of Iconic Artists including Diego Rivera !


graffiti on a wall

See the painters’ work on the walls and courtyards of some of the city’s most striking buildings

We´ll enjoy the legacy of some of the most important artist of Mexico:






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How do you fit hundreds of years of history into 3 hours??? They did it! Kate A.

We did the "free" walking tour and it was one of the best tours we have been on. Great explanation of the rich history of this fascinating city. Many questions answered. We were the only 2 to show up so we skipped the church (services were being held) and visited some murals. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend this tour. Luis was easy to hang out with and talk to. We went back to eat at the recommended taco place. It was wonderful! . Well worth it.

– Tripadvisor
Outstanding way to kick off our CDMX adventure. Kevin N.

Belen was fabulous, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable. as she walked our group through the Historic Center of México City. We’ve taken numerous to tours over the years, and I’d rate this as one of the best. Highly recommend.

– Tripadvisor

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