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Street Food Experience

Recipient of Tripadvisor´s Travelers Choice Award for Best Mexico City Tour 2021

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Mexico City #1 Rated Tours 

Mexico City has more people than Ireland, Denmark and Greece combined. The term “meal options” here means something else entirely.
First an Aztec empire that was the largest in Mesoamerica, then the mixing by the Spanish and natives until the independence that would turn Mexico City into the new capital of Mexico that would last for centuries. Mexico City preserves millenary knowledge that implemented to our times has left us one of the most unique gastronomic legacies that we can enjoy.




The Essentials:

Travel through the historic center of Mexico City and discover the most authentic culinary experience in the city. Mexico’s cuisine is more than the restaurant´s menu, we talk about the legends, history and people behind our delicious dishes. Unlimited Tacos, soft drinks & Food are included + Mezcal tasting of  wild agaves.

Stops: Over 4 sit-down stops & Market + Mezcal Tasting

Group Size: Small groups of 2 -12 people per tour.

Start & End Location: Starts at the fron of Bellas Artes (Fine art palace). Ends at Mexiqui Hostal (Republica de Guatemala #30)

Dietary Requirements: We are happy to welcome vegetarians and pescatarians, but please let us know previously. This tour is not recommended for gluten free or vegan diets. Please message us prior to booking if you have any questions.


a man sitting at a table with a plate of food
Fantastic Food Tour Forrest G

My girlfriend and I did both the free walking tour as well as the food tour. Both were great! Paco, our guide, is very friendly and was extremely passionate about showing us his city and country. He also gave us some great recommendations and even helped us rent a car! The best tour guide I have ever had!

– TripAdvisor
The way you fall in love with Mexico city Sandra H

When we came to Mexico city we knew that we are not city travelers so we were planning to spend here only a few days. But after we met our guide Gabriel we stayed here for a week. His inspiration and love for Mexico city infects you and keep this vaccine for a lifetime ( i guess). I felt like we are a company of friends moving around the city and appearing in the greatest secret places. Guess what? We came back for a food tour and then it felts like meeting old good friends.

– Tripadvisor
If you like Tequila/Mezcal, they have a big surprise for you

My sister and I have just spent three fantastic hours with Paco and Gabi. They took us on an amazing food tour around the historic centre of Mexico City, from street tacos to incredible food market where we tried grasshoppers with mescal. It was great fun, we learnt loads about Mexican food and culture. We would highly recommend this tour.

– Tripadvisor

Experience lead by locals

a group of people that are standing in the rain with an umbrella

Only guides from each city can give you a true taste of the area in food and culture, all trained by our founders to ensure the perfect experience. We also work with the community through local producers and partners to ensure you´re getting a real local taste of what each community can do.

Get fed, leave full.

a plate of food on a table

We are not a tasting tour. we offer to you unlimited tacos. Yes. All tacos you can eat. The best part is that you won´t have to worry about what to order or how to communicate with the owners at each stop. Everything we eat is tried and tested.

Mezcal tasting & Beverages included.

a close up of a bottle

Our tour includes (unlimited) alcoholic beverages and the opportunity for a tasting of mezcal from local producers made from the highest quality wild agaves. You will be able to taste the “tepeztate” which is a mezcal from an agave that has been grown for 25 years and is considered the jewel in the crown by the masters of mezcal.

Off the beaten path 

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We visit local neighborhoods where real locals live and eat. Your aren´t going to find any other tourist here, or run into other tour groups. Our restaurants are local legends, family-owned and often specialize in only  one dish, wich means the quality is high and the flavor is even better .

A Meaningful Trip

Theres a million reasons Mexico City is an international food destination. Its a UNESCO  (the first one in the world) city of gastronomy. One of the most important and popular mexican cuisine, but also the capital of eating out.

When you book, you will receive an email with the exact meeting point in Mexico City. When you arrive there will be purple umbrellas, the first point will be an exotic market, will you eat insects?

Don’t worry, that’s just the beginning. Mexican cuisine goes beyond eccentricities, the truth is that there is a repertoire of flavors with a variety of ingredients and tastes that have existed for thousands of years.

Did you know that the Aztec diet was vegan? There is a secret to Mexican food, no taco in Mexico City is going to taste like any other taco in the world. What´s the secret?

We invite you to discover it at The Street Food Experience.


a woman standing in front of a plate of food

+ Mezcal Tasting!

3 premium mezcals handcrafted in the sierra of Puebla by multi-award winning Melesio Mesa.

The tour includes a taste of mezcal made from a 25 year old agave, the crown jewel for master mezcaleros: tepeztate.

As well as 2 other wild agaves: Tobala (10 year old agave) and Madrecuixe (20 year old agave). The mezcal is made from wild agaves, which means that the mezcal does not contain any chemicals in the process.

The tour includes an explanation of the elaboration of mezcal and its social impact, as well as a tasting of the different wild agaves. We are producers!



+ Unlimited Tacos!

How many tacos do you think you can eat?


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