The Mother of Tequila: Mezcal

Discover the divine beverage of the Mexican people: The Mezcal. Enjoy a variety of the finest mezcals brought directly from the Oaxaca region, joined with traditional Mexican snacks.


Discover the finest Oaxacan mezcals made from different agave varieties. Learn how to drink it like the locals!


Let us guide you through the history of mezcal and. In the hands of our mezcal master, you will learn why mezcal gets the title of magical beverage.

Flavors and nibbles

Mexico is full of flavors! We choose the finest complements for your mezcal for a complete experience.


I booked the wrong date, can I change it?

Yes of course, just email us with the correct date using the contact form below.


Where is the place for the mezcal tasting?

A 5 minutes walk from Bellas Artes Palace (the downtown of Mexico City).


If I’m late, where can I find you?

Contact us by WhatsApp at +525578785766 and we will guide you to where we are.


I am a vegetarian. Will I be able to participate?

Definitely! We have a lot of great options for vegetarians! In fact, most of our Mexican snacks are vegetarian.





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