Mezcal Tours in Oaxaca

Taste the Flavors of Mexico!

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Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours

Users Ages: 18+

Sample Oaxacan Mezcal on This Mexico City Tour

Discover the divine beverage of the Mexican people: Mezcal! Join us for an unforgettable mezcal tasting in the heart of Mexico. The first distilled spirit to reach the Americas, mezcal has an incredibly rich history. Legend has it that this agave-based drink came to be when a lightning bolt struck an agave plant, explaining mezcal’s reputation as an elixir of the gods. 

True mezcal must come from one of eight Mexican states, the largest of which is Oaxaca. During our tasting, we provide a variety of the finest mezcals from the Oaxaca region, expertly paired with traditional Mexican snacks. Find out more about the vibrant history of this traditional Mexican beverage as your drink!

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